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100 Best Anthropology Topics to Write About

April 1, 2021

anthropology topics
Writing about anthropology topics entails researching human beings, their ancestors, and how they relate to phenomena. Examples of phenomena may include the environment, physical character, culture, and social relations. In modern society, anthropology is largely considered a science. And there is a lot of information on different topics in anthropology. Read more

How To Write A Vaccination Research Paper Fast?

March 25, 2021

vaccination research paper

If you have just received your first vaccination research paper assignment, you probably don’t know what to do or where to start. This is probably why you are reading this blog, after all. Every semester, we receive hundreds of pleas for help from students in high school and college. They are struggling with writing an excellent vaccination research paper. In fact, many of these students are worrying that they might fail the class unless they get a top grade on their essay. Read more

Investigative Essay Writing Tips And Topic Ideas

March 18, 2021

investigative essay
Some learners are excited about writing an investigative essay. That’s because this assignment entails picking an issue or problem that a student doesn’t understand and then investigating it. But, choosing the problem to investigate is not easy. Ideally, choosing topics for investigative essay is the main challenge for most learners. That’s because there are many and interesting things that a student can investigate. So, what should a learner focus on when asked to write this essay? Read more

Visual Analysis: Essay Writing Guide

March 11, 2021

visual analysis

One of the more confusing types of academic assignments out there is the visual analysis essay. Unlike other essays, this type of writing requires students to show an understanding of a piece of art by focusing on elements, including color, line, texture, and scale. Essentially, students must describe and explain the visual structure of a piece of art for its own sake. Read more

How To Write A Supplemental Essay?

March 4, 2021

How to Write a Supplemental Essay
What is supplemental essay? The supplemental essay, also referred to as the common application essay, is a chance to let the college admissions group learn something about you that were not able to express in the main essay entry. Some schools require a supplemental writing example in addition to the main essay. Students can submit an example of their writing from high school or they can choose to select one of the approved prompts listed in the school’s application form. Read more

Research Design: Definition, Types, Writing Tips

February 25, 2021

Research Design
Choosing a research design is a major decision to make when starting to work on any study. That’s because your choice will determine whether the obtained evidence will effectively address your research problem unambiguously. Read more